Exercise 2.7

Use a combination of small aperture and wide lens to explore deep depth of field.

My initial images for this exercise were a very traditional landscape view of local farmland, using the tractor pathway to draw your eye into the picture. I prefer the left image as I feel it is more balanced.

Further experimentation used a slightly less distant panorama

The selected image is shown here, as although the Gunnera make a striking element, I feel they take over the whole image and I would have preferred them to be less dominant.

-1705_St Andrews BG135135
1/60 sec, f/22, ISO 1250, focal length 21mm


Learning points:

  • remember to think about the whole image, foreground and background especially is using a small aperture.
  • look at the balance within the image
  • one very dominant part can take over, not always the part wanted


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