Selfie Images – Playing


This thread will be for the images that I have ‘played’ with. An experimental thread using images taken with my phone and altered using apps. I suspect many will be less than flattering!  But, to some extent, that is the point.

First set – altered via Snapseed, with some additional wording. As expected – not aiming for the ‘beautiful’ look. These images give no idea of what I was doing  or where I was. The expressions are blank – and look tired. Clearly need to work on my gaze and the ability to smile while on camera.


Image made with Photo Lab, an app ‘designed’ for alteration of selfies, on a camera or tablet – supposed to give fun and beautiful images. Not sure this is am improvement either. Clearly need to work on making myself look younger – not ancient!untitled-13


This time I’ve made the images with Procam 5. Is 2 better than 1, or maybe 2 x 1/2 is better? These are fun to play with – but haven’t found a ‘serious’ use yet.

and going very light



Playing with photoshop! Additional layer via fractalis, then distorted, then added in further layer of smart blur – leaving out into space – am I in a time warp?Selfie Jan


Selfies – Starting Point


I have been thinking more about the concept of selfies. Oddly enough, it is not a photographic genre I have experimented with. I am not sure why. Is it because:

  1. I am very body conscious and don’t like anyone taking photographs of me
  2. I am too old, and haven’t ‘got the hang of’ the social media explosion
  3. Too lazy/too busy with other things
  4. Not the right (or rather wrong) personality type

Any or all of the above probably apply. So I decided that it would be interesting to take a two-pronged approach to investigating them further.

  1. Research about the academic theories of the use/abuse of selfies
  2. Personal experimentation with the genre

This will be a long term project that I plan to revisit intermittently over the next year or more. It doesn’t fit directly into my studies for EYV, so will sit alongside it, although some of the research and practice may overlap.

I have set up 2 threads for this, one on research and one  for images. I started taking the images in August, but have decided to concentrate on taking an image together with a photo of where I took the image on a monthly basis, for ease of remembering I have chosen the 1st of the month, around about lunchtime. I have also been playing with altering the images – initially using Snapseed on my phone, but also plan to play with them using other phone software, so will see where that leads.